Thursday, April 21, 2011

3rd post today

It is looking alot like Easter around here. I had decorated my home at the end of March not realizing that Easter fell this year at almost the end of April. I was about to take all the decorations down until yesterday. I went shopping with my Mom and I came across these bunnies and accessories from Anna Lee on sale. I purchased them at TJ Maxx. I love that store. I could shop their forever. I spent 2 hours just going aisle by aisle.

 This chicken in the egg taking a shower has to be one of my favorite. I love it. Look at the those eyes.

 This bunny is super nice. It is all glittered.

I also bought these 2 boxes for my scrap room. They are super nice and pretty. Best of all they are perfect for my shelves and very spacious. 



Super cute!! Tu ves el pollito amarillo? Esa soy yo!!! Mira la cara de...Ayyyy que lindo todo mi Ki Memories ahahahahahha


WOW girl, you told me about finding these but, they are so much more cute than I thought. I love them. I know you are going to enjoy them for along time, It's so great for you, that you have room to display them in your beautiful big house. Can't wait to see your Halloween.

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