Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad weather

We just had a horrible storm pass us by this afternoon. Hail and all. The alarm on the cars kept going off, how annoying. But the post is not only about the bad weather but about the birds mom leaving and the babies being all alone. It wasn't only raining hard but very windy and on top of it hail. My husband and I went outside and when we noticed she had left her nest we brought down the hanging basket and out them under the patio. They were trembling so bad. I felt so bad for them. I wanted to bring them in and put them under a light so they can get warm. No, I did not touch them. As soon as the storm passed we put them back where they were. We sat outside for about an hour and she still has not come back to the nest. I really hope that she does not abandon the babies, but if she does we have got a plan for these birdies. I pray that she does come back and takes care of them. They do not have much more time in the nest. They are almost ready to fly. Here is the latest picture I took of them. 

 Look at how wet they are. They were soaked and trembling.
  Before we hung up the basket, I placed food in the white container and water. No, I did not touch any part of the nest.


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