Thursday, April 21, 2011

new birdie

Well one of the birdies is out. Yes, one of the eggs has hatched. The mom left the nest I guess to get some food, so my husband took advantage and put fresh water and food for her. Within that time he called me so that I could see it and take a picture. I was able to capture these. Not really good ones but atleast I got some. Half the body is still in the egg. It seems like it must have just hatched. Now we will wait for the other one to hatch. what an experience this has been. We have been anxiously waiting for the eggs to hatch.


Teri Berrios

Aaaawwww this is so cute!!! Congrats abuela :) Enjoy your new babies - hee hee
YOU HAVE to make a mini with these pictures FOR SURE!!! xoxo, T


ahahahahhahah yes!!! Abuela!! ahhhahhahaha how freaking cute is this??? oye, youre gonna have to start charging rent plus food, que va, yo quiero ser un pajarito. Me poso en un planter en tu casa y todo el cash me lo gasto en apuestas en el parque de domino de la pequena habana hahahahhah que vida!!!


So cute, they love that beautiful peaceful back yard of yours. I have to agree, congratulations abuelita.

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