Friday, April 15, 2011

several updates

Hello my blogger friends. Just wanted to post about a couple of things going on. First off the new family that has moved in unexpectedly. Yes, the birdie. Here are some pictures I took of her eggs when she was gone.  When she is gone we place water in her basket and put some bird food for her. This way she does not have to abandon her eggs.

Secondly, I have done some layouts with pictures. Yes, Pictures. Here are a few I did in one day. I can't believe I did this in one day. Well the layout with the birdhouse I had done about a year ago and had put it away in a plastic box with a few more that I plan  to also add pictures to. 

 Here are my girls from way back at the park. They are running down a hill and you know what that meant. Of course they ended up rolling down.
 This picture is of my youngest also at the park. She is now 19 and lives away with dad going to college.
And this is a page of my husband and I at a sports bar 2 years ago for my 42nd birthday. I sprayed glimmer mist on the page in both pink and blue. I cut out the flowers and then added some felt flowers. The page says carefree, fun and laughter. This is how I feel when I am with my hubby. I am definitely carefree, laugh alot and have lots of fun with him.

I am sure you all remember this layout from a previous post. As I was looking through pictures I came across these 2 of my kids  (now 21 and 19) playing hopscotch. After debating for a while I decided why do I want to continue creating layouts and not adding pictures, so I decided to add them. I could not find another picture of them so for now I will leave the other matt blank. Maybe I will find another picture, if not I will journal.

And lastly I have donated platelets again today. Since the beginning of the year I have donated 8 times. I hope you all can find it in your hearts to do the same. It doesn't matter what you donate, whole blood, platelets or plasma, but just do something. Their are lots of children and adults that need them on a daily basis and their is not enough for everyone. So save a life.



Yeaaa! Pictures in layouts!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! Awesome!!! omggggggg Im so scared now that you put the water on the nest, has she been back??? stop touching the nest!!!!!!!!!!
anywayyyyy, love the layouts! senkiuuuuuuu

Teri Berrios

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I am so happy you are adding pictures to your layouts - that's what it's all about - WOOT!!! LOVE THEM!!!! The banner came out so cute. Hugs, T


I haven't scrapbooked for so long but looking at your post really makes me miss it. As for the "new" family that has moved in, what a fun way to welcome spring. We had one nest in a wreath on our front door. We couldn't use that door for weeks but it was worth it. Enjoy.
Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my colorfully wacky tables. It was fun to hear from you.

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