Friday, April 8, 2011

Birds Nest

OK, this has nothing to do with scrapping but thought it would be cute to post. Last night as I was watering my plants (every other day routine) I noticed some twigs in one of my hanging plants. So since I did not have the lights on outside I decide to stick my hand in the plant and clean it out. Mind you it had been raining here and super windy these last few days. As I was moving my hand towards the plants this thing flew out at me and around my head. I dropped the hose and just froze. Well in my hanging basket I have a birds nest. I turned on the lights and called my husband and we noticed 3 or 4 eggs in the nest. I continued watering the rest of the plants, turned off the lights and sat in the rocking chair to see it the mom would come back. But no luck. All night I thought about the poor eggs and hoped that the mom would not abandone her babies. This morning I went outside and noticed the mom sitting on her baby eggs. So I just had to get my camera and take a picture, well a few. After about 30 minutes sitting outside I notice another bird came and sat at the edge of the basket. I would imagine it is the dad, so I took my camera out again and took a picture of him. Of course when I took a step closer it flew away. But I am glad that atleast I got one of him.

Ok so I leave you with natures beauty. I know the pictures are not the best but I did not want to get too close and scare them away.

My husband and I were planning to change the old brown yucky things that you put in baskets, but for now it will have to wait. One of GODS creatures has taken over the plant. Notice the basket in the back has a new one of those things. I have been changing them out. But not this one.


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