Thursday, April 21, 2011

Award and new layout

This afternoon when I opened my mailbox I had an envelope. When I looked inside it was a certificate from The Community Blood Centers of South Florida. I was so excited that it had a certificate of appreciation that I have donated 4 gallons so far.

I have also been scrapping pictures lately. This layout is of my oldest daughters graduation. She did not like any of them so I am scrapping the proofs. These pictures are with her best friend.



OMG! Which one is Chrystal? I cant really see the face!! I love the pics though, why didnt she like them?? Ella es loca!!!

This is only the beginning for the awards by this time next year (mark my words) estaremos todas en la ceremonia de la estrella en la calle 8. A tus 5000 gallones!! ahahhaahhaaha

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