Wednesday, May 25, 2011

another haul

Can you believe I went to Bravo again? A scrappy friend Marlene you can find her work here ( and I went and had a blast. She is so funny and nice. Such a sweet heart. Well she went cray buying goodies, like we call them. Our husbands beg to differ, they call them more junk. LOL. They say we are hoarders. I tend to agree a little. Marlene says that we are investing for our future. Her theory is that we need to buy now that we can afford it because when we get to our retirement we will not be able to afford anything, especially that they say we will not have any retirement with the way the things are going. That is too funny. Of course when she told my husband he did not buy it. I do have to agree with him, we are hoarders. BUT I STAND PROUD WITH THAT NAME TAG.

Ok, back to the Haul.  All of you that like beading have to go. I am personally not a bead girl but you can't beat the price and I really love the pins you could make with them. Marlene is going to teach me how to make the pins and told me to buy some of the things I did. She said I would need them. REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU SEE WAS .80 cents.

So here is my buy:

 Look at these adorable pins. I had to get them. I plan on putting the bear with the baby bear on one of my paper piecing layouts, if it does not look to bulky. The other pin has a tea pot and two cups hanging, I bought that one thinking of the layout I just finished with the little girls having tea outdoors. You can see my layout in my previous post.
These adorable frames, roses and animales are from K & Company. They are so cute. They are flat on the back. The packaging says they are charmers. Super cute.

Here is the info: Bravo Beans & Food.
                          6970 NW 51 Street
                          Miami, FL 33166
                          305-718-9666 Herb Jimenez


Give them a call. They also ship. You can't beat those prices. .80 cents.


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