Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new project


I have only been posting about the birds, but today I have something different to blog about. I have been working on my room, organizing, purging etc. I am still working on that but I started a new layout paper piecing of course. Loe it and can't seem to let it go. I am definitely hooked.

Also, I received the E2 last night. UPS knocked on my door at around 7pm. I was so excited I began to scream.  My husband was on the phone with his dad and hung up on the poor man thinking something had happened to me. The dog rushed over to where I was and just sat and looked at me. They both think I am nuts. But I am sure most of you can relate to that being the hoarders we are with scrap booking and getting exited over a cutting machine. I get excited over card stock. Go figure.

Ok, enough said, here is a sneak peak at my latest paper piecing project. I will be selling some of my layouts that I have created lately. I don't know if I will sell them through ebay or open an etsy account. will let you guys know once I make a decision. If any of you are interested in any of the layouts that I have shown let me know and we can work something out.

I still have alot of work to do with them. I am going to Joann's this morning for an interview to teach and also to find some paper (like I really need it) for the matts, background etc. I may also look for some embellishments that may fit for the layout.

By the way, the birds are so big. I will take pictures of them today and post once I have them.



Hi Ana, I saw your comment on Wilna's blog regarding the magnetic slice kit. I too have an old machine, from when they first came out, and have purchased the hands free kit for it. It works like a charm! I bought mine through for a fraction of the retail price here in Canada, but you can buy them at any good scrapbook store I believe. It's called the slice hands free kit if you go searching online.

Good luck!


I posted earlier today and it doesn't seem to have gone through :( I shall endeavour to try again :D

Thank you for following my blog, I have added you as well - hope you don't mind. I don't post regularly, I really need to get back into that :D

Cropchocolate has a bunch of slice design cards on today at great prices if you're looking. I love my slice. I don't have a cricut but I do have a cuttlebug and of course my slice. For cropchocolate you have to refresh every few hours since they change their specials multiple times per day. If you're looking for the hands free kit, you could also ask if there are any cropchocolate users who have one in their cart they don't want or are willing to swap. I see people do that ALLLLL the time, although I've never done it myself. If you are interested in that email me at susan "at" and I can point you to the place where the instructions to do a swap are :D

Happy shopping.

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