Saturday, May 7, 2011

Challenge # 4

Ok, so I am really behind on my post. But for some reason I have been having problems uploading my pictures. My computer says they are there but when I go to upload them in my blog, they are not.

Challenge # 4 is to do something for mothers day. I have made this card for my mom. She is a wonderful human being. I was out this morning purchasing her gift. She is a very difficult person to give to because what ever you buy her she returns. This time she will not be able to since my brothers and sisters and I have all gotten her the same thing. Well, not the same thing. My brother bought her a pandora bracelet and 1 charm and we have all decided to also buy a charm or 2 or 3. One of the charms I bought her will be extremely special to her. I asked her a few days ago if there was something that reminded her of my Aunt (well her aunt) what would it be and she said a tea cup. My aunt dies 3 years ago and she collected tea cups. So I bought her the charm along with a bible charm and an elephant for good luck.

Ok, so here is the card I have made for her.


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