Wednesday, May 18, 2011

updated scraproom

Well I have been working on my scraproom for weeks now. It is not 100% complete because I have something more I'd like to do with the desk, just not sure, so for now I will leave it as it is.

Here is the desk area before:
Here is the new desk. It has a plexi glass on it for now, until I decide if I want a glass or a full piece of the plexi glass. The before desk had legs holding each table,  this desk only has two legs and the pieces on the left side holding the top. I really wanted to get rid of all the legs. Looks so much cleaner and neater.

This picture is what you see when you first walk into the room. The 2 bottom cubes hold some of my pattern papers which I rarely use. The ones over those holds my ribbons, which I had shared in an earlier post. The ones with the four drawers holds my extra stickles, pictures, cats eyes, chalks and extra tools which I barely ever use. The two cubes with the doors have my slice machine, knick knack I collect and my light. The boxes on top have my rubber stamps, clear stamps and embossing powders and tool. I am not a stamper so I never use any of these things. 

 This is a piece I found at a garage sale. I had it in my previous home. I hung my apron and a sign my husband made for me and 2 crosses. For some reason I have been into purchasing crosses.

 Here is the comfy chair I also found at a garage sale. I put it in my room so that my husband can sit in here with me and be comfortable. It is really big. The piece of furniture next to it, is from my sister. I was looking for something slim and tall and she had it in her bathroom. She did not hesitate to give it to me. I love it. It is country looking and that was exactly what I wanted to put with the country chair. That piece has my inks, glimmer mist, craft stuff, cards, and beads.
 Here are four shelves I have from Ikea. As you can see they hold alot of stuff. I have in the bins, paper pack 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 (not used much), all different types of embellishments, fabrics and mini albums.
 Here you can see my computer. I love it. It was my anniversary gift last October. Still learning, but love what I can do with it. Also my Expression 2.
 A closer look at my desk. As you can see it has two pieces of plexi glass on it until I decide what I want.
 This is my back station. I hang my latest layouts on the top. Hubby made this for me. I love the fact that I can display my latest projects. The station holds my Mac, my cricuts ( I bought that piece at a garage sale this weekend so that I can put one cricut on top of the other),  my clip it up and cuttlebug.
 Here I have my cardstock, pattern papers and paper packs. Also have paints and some other embellishments. And another piece of furniture my husband made for me for my circut cartridges. It holds 70 cartridges. Of course, now I need to figure out where to put the new ones I purchase.
 This is another picture of the desk from the other side. I love all the space I now have.
 These green crates hold cardstock. The bottom one has 81/2 by 11 and the top one has the 12 x 12's. As I have them seperated by colors. My scraps I put in page protectors also by colors. I always go to my scraps before taking a new sheet.  I use alot of cardstock for my layouts, since most of my pages are paper piecing.  
 This is my clip it up, which I clean regularly. Whenever I buy a new item I usually hang it here. But since it is so full I have to take something out.
 This pink piece was also made by my husband. He even painted it pink. When I saw the making memories embellishment center I knew I had to have it. But the more I saw it the less I knew I wanted it. I knew it would not be functional for what I neede it for. I wanted it to hold my flowers. I have my flowers here by colors in the large and in small target jars. I needed more space for other embellishment so my husband put these little curled screws for me and I have these boxes and buckets hanging with more embellishments.
 This is where I display my latest layouts or projects.
 Closer look at my shelves with boxes and buckets.
This is definitely one of my longest posts, but I hope it was all well worth it. I know I had fun taking the pictures and showing you all where I create. I hope it helps some of you to organize your rooms.


Teri Berrios

LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Everything is so organized!! xoxo, T


Your room is gorgeous, love the new desk. Looking at your room makes me just want to get up and organize my stuff. I love that everything has a place. Enjoy it.

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