Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flown Away

Well, I am sad but happy at the same time. Yesterday at around 5pm I noticed the birds mom was gone. Well, at 7:30pm she was still gone. I was really upset because I thought, how are they going to eat now? Who is going to comfort them when they need it? I know I am nuts. Like my husband say, to much spare time on my hands. Ok, abck to the story. Focus Ana. I went out again at 9:30pm and the mom was still gone. I spoke to them with a soft voice and told them, everything would be OK. I would take care of them and feed them and so forth. They would just look at me and turn their little heads back and forth. I don't know if they were understanding me or were scared or just though this thing (me) is crazy. Anyhow, I went to bed sad and fell asleep thinking of them. This morning when I went outside to check on them, they were gone. They have flown away. I looked around the ground, thinking maybe they had fallen and to make sure my dog would not get to them. But nope, they are gone. I hope they are fine and hope that some day they come back to just say hello. LOL. So I am sad because they are gone but happy that they are where they need to be FLYING and FREE.

I leave you with the last pictures of them I took yesterday when I first realized the mom was gone.

Look how big they are. I could not believe how much they changed on a daily basis. What an incredible experience this has been for me. I had never experienced something like this. I fell very lucky. Maybe to some this is something silly because they see it all the time, but it is special to me and thought I would share.



Life does move on. It is what is supposed to happen but it can make us a bit sad. I don't think you are crazy at all - just a sweet softie. :)

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